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T.J. Sparks (aka Anthony Barletta) is a fast rising country music singer-composers in New York. TJ recently released his debut song “Back to you”. His first song has gained much success by charting on the New Music Weekly and Grassroots hot Country charts. The exciting, newfangled track continues to gain interest from country music enthusiasts all over the world.

TJ Sparks is no stranger to music.  He has always had a passion for it and, in the past has played violin, trombone and bass guitar.  He was a member of many bands growing up in the 70's and 80's. In the 90's he formed his own group, unfortunately their efforts only went so far as the reality of life set it as most of the members had lives and families of their own, which did not fit into the world of music.

Fast forward to 2015.  By Chance, TJ began listening to NASH FM and fell in love with Country Muisc.  He thought to himself, how come country music is not getting the kind of attention it deserves here on Staten Island.  Through research, he found out that there were many country music fans on Staten Island.  He decided to start Sparks Country Entertainment and host events where country music fans could come and listen to the music, line dance or sing along, if they wanted to.  He developed a country music following of sorts in Staten Island.  Backtracking to the 90's, TJ stumbled upon the original music from his past musical adventures last fall while cleaning out his shed and thought to himself, we can countrified this awesome music and sent the tracks to various studios in Nashville who agreed that there was potential there.  And so, here it all begins.


Alan Jackson is my idol, from Chattahoochee to Don't rock the jukebox, I just love his songs to sing and to listen too. My next is George Strait, Toby Keith,  Josh Turner and Zac Brown band.


I love playing baseball, hunting and fishing. Most of all I live for entertaining, I have sang on cruise ships while as a passenger in the lounge, always invited up by the hired entertainer to do country music. I create a following on the ships and resorts I visit just by singing to tracks on deck and at the beach on vacation. I always get appreciation for singing country music because majority of the places do not play country and many people from around the world enjoy it.


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